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It’s Official – I Hate Traveling

August 4, 2008 2 comments

Early on in my career, I traveled a lot.  I was proud of my premier exec status on United which you archived by flying over 50,000 miles in a year.   Maintained that status for many years.   It was a badge that us travel warriors wore proudly.   I was also a savvy traveler.  I made sure to take flights on planes that had to most upgradable seats to maximize my chances of sitting in business class or first class.  I planned my hotel stays at the same hotel chain to acquire even more points.  It was a lot of planning, but at the time, I thought it was fun.  Boy how things have changed.

Over the last few years, I have lost all my status on United and I really don’t mind.  I think I made one trip all of last year and that is just fine with me.

Unfortunately, I have recently become involved on a project ( using ApEx ) that has required me to again join the traveling world.  Twice in the last two weeks I had to make a day trip from DC to Boston.  Not the worst trip, but still not fun.  Getting up at 4-4:30AM to make the 7AM from IAD to BOS and to get the 6:30PM back home is not my idea of a good time.

Not only am I losing out on my beauty sleep, on my most recent trip, I lost my suit coat.  Yup, gone.  Let me explain.  I was on the 6:30PM out of BOS back into IAD.  Delayed, of course, for 45+ minutes.  Not horrible but not how you want to finish up your day which started at 4:30AM.  So anyway, after we landed, all I wanted to do was get the hell off the plane, back to my car ( parked over a mile walk away ) and home.  There was a glass of Merlot with my name on it there.  Well, I’m not sure if I retrieved  the wrong jacket out of the overhead bin first, or the other guy did, but somehow I wound up with the wrong coat.  I carried it off the plane and all the way to the car.  When I tossed it in the back seat, I noticed it looked a bit off.  Then I noticed that it was a single breasted jacket while mine was a double breasted and the dark blue was a bit off from my pants.  This coat had a half eaten pack of Mentos in it and I don’t even like Mentos.

Sign, what to do?   Well I decided to walked back to the ticket counter ( probably another 1/3 mile ) which of course was closed.  It was now 9:25PM, and it closed at 9PM.  I could not get back to the gate since you can’t get through security without a boarding pass.  So I went to the lost luggage department.  After waiting in line for 15 minutes I finally spoke with someone.   She called down to the gate, but nothing was found on the plane.  So I left the jacket I had there with a note on it that if someone came to claim it, they would know how to get in contact with me to return my jacket.  I waited around for 15-20 minutes in the hopes that the other party had discovered the mix up before going home but no luck.

So not only was my latest trip extra long ( I got home about 11:30 or so ), but I’m also out one blue suit.  Anyway, if you happen to be the other person on this flight:

Flight/Equip.: Jetblue Airways Corp 1259  Airbus A320
Depart:  Boston (BOS)/Wednesday July 30 6:30 pm
Arrive:  Washington (IAD)/Wednesday July 30 8:15 pm
Stops:   non-stop Miles:413
Class:   Coach

or know was, contact me and we can each save hundreds of dollars replacing a dark blue suit.

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